National Indigenous Cricket Championships Hall of Fame - Batting | National Indigenous Cricket Championships
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11161585108152297883413555116*Brian ManningDesert Eagles2020Imparja Cup - Major Centres Division4 1Central Hurricanes
29362923415229788341355493Dillon MeasuresDesert Eagles2020Imparja Cup - Major Centres Division4 1Alice Springs
38158251015215130341356181Greg LouisAll Sorts2020Imparja Cup - Major Centres Division3 1Alice Springs
478158598615229787341355378Michael BakerTop End Thunder2020Imparja Cup - Major Centres Division4 1Katherine Scorchers
574159933215211183341355174Kiel ShardlowKatherine Scorchers2020Imparja Cup - Major Centres Division3 1Central Hurricanes
660116045915211183341355760*Lewis LamptonKatherine Scorchers2020Imparja Cup - Major Centres DivisionSF 1All Sorts
75662923415229788341355856*Dillon MeasuresDesert Eagles2020Imparja Cup - Major Centres DivisionGF 1Katherine Scorchers
855186815015229787341354855*raymond whiteTop End Thunder2020Imparja Cup - Major Centres Division2 1Alice Springs
95069627915229788341355250*Mitchell GridleyDesert Eagles2020Imparja Cup - Major Centres Division3 1All Sorts
1050136745415227221341355650Jason DunemannTennant Creek2020Imparja Cup - Major Centres Division4 1All Sorts
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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