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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111469773125112042581100114Clayton McCartneyVictoria2017NICC - Men's DivisionGF 1New South Wales
28527731512511210257795585Marcus McGregor-CassadySouth Australia2017NICC - Men's Division3 1Tasmania
38160405912511207257794181*Zac J ChapmanNorthern Territory2017NICC - Men's Division2 1Tasmania
48027349112511206258100880*Preston WhiteQueensland2017NICC - Men's Division6 1Tasmania
57814311512511202258110078Nathan A PriceNew South Wales2017NICC - Men's DivisionGF 1Victoria
67688866012511207257794176Ben StaresNorthern Territory2017NICC - Men's Division2 1Tasmania
77010035312511209258109470Dane D UgleWestern Australia2017NICC - Men's Division7 1Northern Territory
87060405912511207257799270*Zac J ChapmanNorthern Territory2017NICC - Men's Division5 1Queensland
96429231812511204258100664Ben J AbbatangeloVictoria2017NICC - Men's Division6 1Northern Territory
106314311512511202257794363*Nathan A PriceNew South Wales2017NICC - Men's Division2 1Western Australia
116310035312511209257795363*Dane D UgleWestern Australia2017NICC - Men's Division3 1Queensland
126283389912511206257795362Tyran EggmolesseQueensland2017NICC - Men's Division3 1Western Australia
136143476012511210257795761Charlie G HolmesSouth Australia2017NICC - Men's Division4 1Queensland
146014311512511202257795960*Nathan A PriceNew South Wales2017NICC - Men's Division4 1Northern Territory
156010736012511202257794360*Damien DurouxNew South Wales2017NICC - Men's Division2 1Western Australia
166028751712511210258109860Ayden McGregor - BaptistaSouth Australia2017NICC - Men's Division8 1Tasmania
175914311512511202257799359Nathan A PriceNew South Wales2017NICC - Men's Division5 1South Australia
185312687412511207258109453Andrew GloverNorthern Territory2017NICC - Men's Division7 1Western Australia
195350552412511206257795353Adam W McDermottQueensland2017NICC - Men's Division3 1Western Australia
205228885912511208257926852Callan L MorseTasmania2017NICC - Men's Division5 1Victoria
215181596612511209257794351Hugh SandoWestern Australia2017NICC - Men's Division2 1New South Wales
225153314712511207257792651Samuel J RichardsNorthern Territory2017NICC - Men's Division1 1South Australia
235027349112511206257792750Preston WhiteQueensland2017NICC - Men's Division1 1New South Wales
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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